About Us

In 2012, the three of us sat talking outside our children’s preschool while our little ones played. We often talked for hours at a time with warm winds blowing, in the shade of the hot desert sun. We had all found ourselves uprooted, landing in Las Vegas within years of each other and trying to find our way in a new city, while also newly entrenched in motherhood. Conversation usually started with parenting, but soon moved to what the future might look like when our children were more busy. Leaving thriving careers with the onset of motherhood, we friends wanted to find our own meaning and purpose. We quickly found each of us had a rich history of giving and volunteering within our previous communities. We discovered we believed in many of the same organizations and were already contributing but our household budget limitations left us feeling like our impact was small. Thus began a plan to leverage our donations to make a bigger impact locally and invite other like-minded friends to join us. The idea of the Women’s Giving Circle of Southern Nevada was born.

In 2016, we launched our first One Check=One Vote campaign with a goal of raising $2,500. Much to our surprise and joy, our efforts produced a circle of 25 members and raised $7,000 for our first grant cycle. However, our grassroots efforts proved to be a little cumbersome, with us collecting individual checks to be donated in a group to our recipient organizations. To make our process run more smoothly, we partnered with our community foundation to streamline our giving. The Women’s Giving Circle of Southern Nevada is now an official fund of the Nevada Community Foundation, who acts as our fiscal sponsor.

We invite you to join our circle.

In the spirit of giving,

Angelia Good
Minnie Wood
Aimee Holdredge

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